15 Class Bundle! Learn the art and science of decorating with video classes.

Learn the Secret Science Behind the Art of Decorating So You Can Create a Home that Reflects You, Even If You're Not Creative

Decorating is supposed to be fun, right?! Pick out what you like, put it all together and voila!—dream home. That would be nice, but it's not reality.

● Your walls are naked, because you can’t decide what to hang on them and every nail hole feels like a big commitment.

● Your bookshelves look cluttered no matter what you do—how does anyone make them look nice anyway!?

● Your color scheme is neutral, because you’re afraid too much color will clash and neutrals go with everything,right?! Wrong.

Worst of all, you know your home could be great, but it isn’t coming together the way you want. It just doesn’t feel like you.

In short, you’re left feeling frustrated, lost, and overwhelmed in your own home.

(That’s not right.)

You have a wealth of options, ideas, and let’s face it: lots and lots (and lots) of pictures on Pinterest. What you don’t have are the practical tools to turn your inspiration into reality.

Imagine a home that is:

● As beautiful as it is comfortable.

● Where everyone can sit back and enjoy themselves.

● That reflects you and your family's personality.

You might think it takes magic or an artistic flair to create gorgeous interiors.

You might think that you need a design degree or tons of money (or to hire someone with a design degree for tons of money!) in order to have a well-decorated home.

Well, that’s simply not true!

Now you can create a home you love, even if you're not creative.

You can master the art of decorating. You just have to know the science behind it. And once you know it, you can use decorating as a tool to...

● Turn your home into a sanctuary for your family and friends.

● Design the home you want your children to remember growing up in.

● Make your home the one place you can truly unwind and be yourself.

With science + art on your side, you'll finally be able to create a home that feels amazing—because it feels like you.

And when that happens, you'll love your home for years to come, because it’s filled with decor you love that can evolve with you.


Décorography is a self-paced online program that will teach you to decorate for yourself, spend wisely and confidently on all of your future decor, and most importantly: create a home that feels like you.

Décorography isn’t like reading a blog, picking up a decorating book, or gathering ideas on Pinterest.

Décorography is a library of step-by-step video classes that show you how to decorate your home. You won’t just learn what looks good and why, you'll also learn how to do it in your home.

You'll take a whole home approach to decorating, so no room gets left behind. That means...

● You won't choose a wall paint color for one room at a time. You'll learn how to create a whole house color palette so you never have to choose paint colors again.

● You won't just learn how to hang art above a sofa. You'll learn how to hang art above any large piece of anchor furniture and make your wall decor look great any every room.

● You won't just learn how to mix fabric patterns. You'll learn how to use fabrics together to create the desired feeling you want in your home.

● And more!

Here's what you get the minute you sign up...

The Ultimate Library of Interior Design Classes for Non-Designers

It’s like Netflix for home decorating. Binge-worthy, but with much better results.

Décorography includes these four specialized courses to solve your biggest decorating struggles:

1. Color Confidence so you can create your whole house color palette, mix and match fabrics like a pro, and bring it all to life with a great lighting design.

2. Planning Precision so you can pick the right home projects and successfully complete them, figure out your ideal furniture layout, and plan room makeovers using mood boards.

3. Styling Savvy so you can declutter and beautify your functional spaces, style your bookshelves, and learn how to arrange flowers so well no one will ever know you bought them at the grocery store.

4. Personalization Prowess so you can make your home decor meaningful and memorable, choose your perfect wall decor, and create an amazing overnight guest experience.

"I felt stuck when it came to decorating my home. My anxiety level shot through the roof every time I thought about choosing a paint color, buying a decorative accent at HomeGoods, or even putting a single nail in the wall. As a result, I didn’t do much of anything, and lived four years in a home that never felt finished. It didn’t even feel like me!

But Decorography changed all that. From the very first lesson, I knew this was exactly what I needed to stop second-guessing all my decorating decisions. Jackie helped me create a strategy for every room in my home, and now I don't have to wonder which colors to choose, or accent pieces to buy. Decor stores don't even overwhelm me anymore!"

Kalyn Transformed Her Home Office

“I LOVE MY OFFICE! I spend every day in here now. Sometimes Saturdays too! Every time I walk in, I’m instantly inspired to tackle the day and be productive until dinner. Some of my blogging friends have their own offices outside the home now, but I can’t imagine going anywhere else. THIS is why I work from home, and now I have a special space just for me.”

- Kalyn Brooke, Florida

Transform Your Entire Home This Year (even if you only do one class per month)

Here's your complete breakdown of the classes within each course…

Course #1: Color Confidence

BONUS Introductory Class: Color Choice

The basics of color theory for decorating so you can finally understand color and make color decisions for your home.

Class #1: Creating a Cohesive Home with Color

Transform the way you make color decisions so you can create a whole home color palette that makes your home flow from room to room.

● Easy to follow 7-step process for choosing the main colors for your walls and furnishings.

● How to identify undertones in fixed finishes and neutrals so you can choose colors that go with the existing fixtures in your home.

● How to choose accent colors, wood tones, and metal finishes that compliment your whole home color palette.

Class #2: How to Mix and Match Patterns

A no-fail formula for picking patterns that works for fabrics, upholstery, rugs, bedding, and wall coverings.

● Discover the easiest way to choose a collection of patterns and open yourself up to using multiple patterns in a room.

● How to classify, identify, and describe patterns so you can successfully choose patterns that work well together.

● Learn the three pattern formula, then learn how to extend your pattern collection to five or more patterns in the same space without them being too busy or clashing.

Class #3: Design a Well Lit Room

Use lighting design to easily make your home more functional and beautiful.

● How to best use the three main types of lighting and the most common light fixtures to create a well lit room.

● How to mix and match light fixtures to create an interesting lighting design.

● How to control the mood of your room with simple automation, specialty light bulbs, and properly diffusing light.

Course #2: Planning Precision

Class #1: The Easy Way to Prioritize and Plan Your Home Projects

Prioritize and organize your home project list so you know which project to do next and which projects you shouldn't bother doing at all.

● Follow a simple four-step process to prioritize your home project ideas.

● Learn the basics of project management so you can get any project done on time, under budget, and without getting a divorce.

● Get the worksheets you need to plan your project, track your progress, and make every project a success.

Class #2: The Power of Mood Boards

Plan your rooms visually so you can make sure the end result matches your vision for the space.

● How to think like a designer when planning your room (and the exact questions you need to answer to get started).

● How to plan a successful room makeover using the seven layers of a room.

● The three best free online tools for creating mood boards and my recommended workflow.

Class #3: Figure Out Your Furniture Layout

Solve the puzzle that is space planning with simple strategies and tools to plan your ideal furniture layout.

● Create a furniture plan that fits your lifestyle with a focus on the activities and feeling that are most important to you in each room.

● How to use a free online tool to create a re-usable plan to rearrange your furniture digitally whenever you want.

● See detailed space planning recommendations for 12 real homes with common furniture and space limitations.

Course #3: Styling Savvy

BONUS MINI CLASS: Free Decorating

How to “Shop Your Home” so you can use what you already have to refresh any room.

BONUS MINI CLASS: 7 Simple Styling Secrets

How to decorate better with the decor you already have.

Class #1: Functional Styling Strategies

Learn styling strategies to arrange everyday necessities so the busiest rooms in your home look beautiful too.

● How to use five styling strategies to organize and beautify the functional spaces in your home.

● See how the five functional styling strategies apply to a real kitchen, bathroom, dressing area (in the bedroom), and home office.

● Learn how to get the whole family involved so you can create new habits and systems to keep your home neat, organized, and well styled.

Class #2: How to Style Your Bookshelves

Learn how to balance practical storage with pretty display on your bookshelves.

● How to decorate your shelves with and without books and how to choose the best accessories for your bookshelves.

● How to make your books look good and make space to mix in meaningful and decorative objects.

● Learn a 5-step process for arranging your shelf decor, 14 ways to stack books and mix in decor, and how to choose the right accessories for your bookshelves.

Class #3: Everyday Flower Arranging

How to arrange flowers in a vase, create simple centerpieces, and flower care tips and tricks, so you can welcome flowers into your home more often.

● How to choose flowers and greenery for your arrangements with a focus on inexpensive farmer’s market and grocery store bouquets.

● How to arrange flowers in a vase and what flowers go best in which vases.

● How to use wet floral foam to create beautiful centerpieces just as easily as arranging flowers in a vase.

Course #4: Personalization Prowess

Class #1: Make Your Decor Meaningful

Personalize your home decor and give your home a personality so you can make your home a reflection of you.

● How personalize your decor and the five stories your home should tell about you.

● Learn how to brainstorm ways to showcase your story and translate your ideas into artifacts you can decorate with.

● Give your home a unique, consistent personality of its own with a fun "branding" exercise.

Class #2: Choosing Your Perfect Wall Decor

Everything you need to know to plan your wall decor and choose the right size and placement for any wall.

● Discover the three main types of wall decor and where to use each type.

● How to determine the proper size of wall decor for any space with easy formulas and guidelines.

● Where to place your wall decor to create the most visual interest.

● How to plan and hang beautiful gallery walls mixing together frames, art, and decorative wall decor.

Class #3: The Five Elements of a Great Overnight Guest Experience

Everything you need to prepare to give your guests a comfortable and relaxing stay at your home.

● How to create a comfortable and welcoming sleeping area (whether you have a guest room or not).

● What food and drink considerations you need to make for mealtimes and in-between so your guests don't go hungry or thirsty or feel awkward asking you for something.

● How to take your guests comfort to the next level and what to plan in advance before your guests arrive so you can be a relaxed and gracious host.

What do you get as a Décorography member?

Everything you need to create a home that will have all your neighbors asking you for decorating advice.

● Get instant, lifetime access to all four courses with a total of 15 step by step decorating classes. Each class includes 30-90 minutes of video lessons with my best tips and practical decorating advice for a particular decorating topic.

● Marry that up with over 30 cheat sheets and worksheets and you’ll have everything you need to apply what you learn to improve your home right away.

● For each class you’ll have a fun assignment to complete in your home. This way, throughout the program you’ll be gradually improving your home, experimenting with your decor, and growing your confidence and skills.

"I was decorating challenged! Too much over thinking, not enough doing. Since joining Décorography, I am better prepared, more carefree about the decorating process. I love Jackie’s very practical methodology for color and pattern selection. "

- Leslie Kilian Lake Oswego, OR

"Before Décorography I thought if I wanted a beautiful house or even just a beautiful room I would have to get a professional interior designer. With only a few Décorography lessons, I gained the confidence to paint my house and decorate it myself. My house no longer feels like a modern monolith, but the home that I want to spend time in. "

- Heather Layzell Canberra, Australia

"Before Décorography, decorating was daunting. I didn’t know where to start or how to prioritize… so nothing got done. Now I am enjoying learning and strategizing how I can make my vision and goals into realities in my home. I feel more confident in that there is a science behind the art. I am creative and know what I want, but now I have more tools on how to get there. "

- Shelly Marstall Arlington, VA

"Decorating made me feel overwhelmed. Inadequate. Amateur. Since starting Décorography, I have more confidence and greater acceptance with where I’m at. Now, I have a commitment to OWN our home decorating. "

- Lauren Lanker Orlando, FL

Created by an expert in balancing beauty + comfort to create everyday livable rooms

Hi! I’m Jackie Hernandez, and I'm on a mission: to empower you to find your inner decorator! Why?

Because creating a home you love doesn’t have to be so hard and learning to decorate your own home is an investment in yourself that lasts a lifetime.

I'm a former Information Technology Project Manager, Air Force Officer, and a degree-holding Biologist with an emphasis in Education.

That means, I specialize in explaining really complex things in easy to understand ways.

It wasn’t until I was working as an IT project manager while decorating my second home that I realized: there's a science to decorating. I began to dig in and uncover the formulas so decorating would never be a struggle again. The principles I discovered and developed are the basis of Décorography: The Art & Science of Decorating. I created Décorography to help bridge the gap between “designer” and “homemaker.” As a busy wife and mother of two (who also works from home), I know how important it is to make your home work for you and make you feel great.

That’s what I want for you! To live in a home that is so YOU, and so YOUR FAMILY that you love it as much as you love them. Are you in?

"Before Décorography I already had a good idea of what I “liked” and “disliked”, but I didn’t know how to pull together that “polished/finished” look I desired. I spent a lot of time (and money) buying things I “loved”, but didn’t always know how to incorporate them with other items in my home.

My favorite part of Décorography is the professional quality videos breaking down each topic in a simple no-fail approach to decorating. I have watched them several times, as I work on various aspects of a room, and glean new information each time as I start to apply the things I learn. I have spent LESS money learning how to use mostly existing items I already had!"

Tonia Refreshed Her Entryway with a Color Change

"I used to bring home random cute decor from Goodwill and sale items, but have no idea how to display it or make it work with the rest of my items. A lot would end up in in the garage and slowly move to our Goodwill pile. Now my spaces are much more edited, personalized, and curated with items I love, in colors I adore."

- Tonia Fisher (Rancho Santa Margarita, California)

The value of this program is easily worth a $1000 or more in saved time, money, and frustration.

Décorography will show you step by step how to create a home you love without indecision, second guessing yourself, or buying the wrong things.

It's everything you need to decorate your home from top to bottom.

This course is not currently open for enrollment.

Get instant, lifetime access • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

"Before Décorography my approach to home decorating was a mess! I didn't have a good sense of my personal style or even that you could have a personal style in your home. After Décorography I feel way more confident in my abilities to pull a room or small area together in a way that looks styled, yet feels authentically me. I can shop for my home with confidence because I know what will work and what won't even before bringing it home! I spend far less money because I'm not wasting money on mistakes. My favorite thing about Décorography is the community! Not only do I have a group of people to help me work through my ideas and provide inspiration, but I've also developed solid friendships that extend far beyond home decorating. The investment in the program has been invaluable and I feel so fortunate that I happened upon Jackie's site one day and decided to trust my gut and join! "

Dayle Turned Unused Basement Space Into a Yoga Studio

"If someone had told me I was going to makeover the basement before the kitchen or bathroom I would have thought they were being ridiculous! I never really thought a basement mattered. But now I was spending all this time in there and I loved looking at my mat but hated looking up at the room.

So many of the Décorography classes helped in this space. I learned so much particularly from Shelve It: How To Style Bookshelves and Seven Simple Styling Secrets classes in particular!

It feels so good to do yoga in this space now. Not only is it a beautiful, inspired and inspiring space, it also makes me feel proud because I know I made it happen, and it reminds me constantly how amazing life can be and how grateful I am for what I have.

- Dayle Denney (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)

"With decorating my home I was pretty overwhelmed, so, I paid a lot for help. I think I could have avoided some of that and learned more about developing my style if I had Décorography 2 years ago:) Since joining, I am more confident, like I can actually tackle some projects. "

- Amy Gannaway Mountain View, CA

"Before Décorography I was frustrated! Lost! Like I was buying a ton of sh** I didn’t need :):) Now, I am not frustrated! Not lost! Plus I love the Décorography community to show our progress and ask opinions when I’m stuck. It’s really nice to “meet” the other students and chit chat back and forth. "

- Anna Mack Servern Elizabeth, CO

Wait! There's More...

Get Two Incredible BONUSES to Support You on Your Home Decorating Journey

Bonus #1

Access to Our Private Members-Only Forum

● Have a question about a class or want a second opinion on your latest home project? You’ll have access to a private MEMBERS-ONLY forum to ask questions, upload pictures, and discuss classes.

● Your posts will only be visible to Jackie and other Décorography members, so no worries if the picture of your living room has toys strewn all over the floor or you’ve painted a dozen color samples on the wall and still can’t decide. Let’s talk about it in the forum.

"Decorating is my favorite hobby and I love decorating my home, but since Décorography I have become more selective in the items I purchase and have fewer returns and regrets.I have a clearer idea of what I really need for a particular spot – if I truly need anything at all. I have more confidence in what I’ve done. "

- Annemarie Byrnes Philadelphia, PA

Bonus #2

10 Exclusive Video Interviews with Lifestyle and Home Experts

    I called on my favorite lifestyle and home experts to share their wisdom with you in an exclusive video interview! You’ll have instant access to the entire interview library. The interviews are also available as an audio download so you can listen to them on the go.

    The interview library includes:

    Meet Your Teacher with Jackie Hernandez of SchoolOfDecorating.com

    Taking Decorating Risks with Lindsay Ballard of Makely.com

    Fill Your Home with Stories with KariAnne Wood of ThistlewoodFarms.com

    Living Well Spending Less with Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess.com

    The Paperless Home with Donnie and Abbie from JustaGirlandHerBlog.com

    Housekeeping You Can Keep Up With with Becky from CleanMama.net

    Recreate the Feeling of Home Anywhere with Melissa Riker of TheHappierHomemaker.com

    Creative Savings with Kalyn Brooke of CreativeSavingsBlog.com

    How to Plan Simple and Sane Events with Megan Willis from CelebrateDallas.com

    Thinking Outside the Gift Box with Lauren Lanker from TheThinkingCloset.com

Holly Skipped Hiring a Designer for Her Kitchen Remodel...and Did It Herself!

Holly (from Florida) began a major renovation on her kitchen shortly after starting Décorography. She hired a contractor to do the remodel, but decided to choose all the materials, fixtures, and colors herself. Holly said, "with the confidence I was gaining from Décorography, I felt that I could bring all the various design elements together on my own."

Holly used the whole house color palette, how to mix and match patterns, and styling classes in Décorography to decorate her new kitchen.

She Leaned on the Décorography Community for Support and Feedback

"With the fabric and finish choices for the kitchen, when I had most of my design choices figured out, I shared them with the Décorography community. I had already created my whole house color palette (following the process in the Creating a Cohesive Home with Color class) and had worked through the How to Mix and Match Patterns class so I felt really good about my choices.

But there was so much going on and I started to worry that I was going overboard. Fortunately, the lovely members of Décorography are very kind and willing to share their opinions and suggestions when you get stuck. I’ve learned so much from them!"

- Holly Harrington, Florida

Imagine a future of easy to make decorating decisions and no regrets purchases...

When you make your next big furniture purchase—like a sofa or bed—you'll be certain it's the right one for your ideal furniture layout and the right fabric to match your color scheme. You'll also know what size art to hang above it and how to mix and match decorative pillows to go on it.

Get clear on how to decorate for your real life, work with what you’ve got, and shop smartly (because you’ll know what your space really needs). All with the convenient video classes inside Décorography.

When you join Décorography now you get:

  • Instant, lifetime access to all four courses inside Décorography (a $508 value)
  • Access to the members-only community (a $200 value)
  • 10 expert interviews (video and audio format) (a $300 value)

That's $1008 worth of value!

This course is not currently open for enrollment.

Get instant, lifetime access • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

"Since we rent it was important to me to inject our individuality into our home to create a place we felt was “ours”. But, I had no idea where to begin. I used to feel like our home didn't reflect who we are. I had no idea of what colours to use on our walls or how to blend various décor pieces or furniture from different stores. If I bought something new home I didn't know how to work it in with the décor I already owned. I would spend ages trying to style décor and wonder why it just didn't seem to look right.

After Décorography our home is finally feeling like us! I have been able to confidently choose a colour palette, not only for our walls but also for accent pieces. I am able to shop my home easily for decor and able to use a formulae to arrange it without second guessing myself and constantly re-arranging.

My favorite part of Décorography: Jackie's videos and lesson downloads are presented in a fun and friendly way & are so easy to follow. The FB community is so supportive & encouraging. Instead of getting frustrated with my hubby when I ask him if something looks okay and getting the answer of "it's fine," I can rely on the Décorography members to give me constructive advice! "

- Michelle Jones (Shropshire, United Kingdom)

"I love a well-decorated space in photos but didn’t feel capable of pulling those spaces off in real life. Since joining Décorography, I have learned a lot, especially about fabrics. How to Mix and Match Patterns was an excellent class! It was packed with information and good practice exercises. "

- Missy Miedema Grand Forks, ND

"I have read many interior design books, blogs and watched videos, but none of it seems to be translating well in my head or in my home. Some people are natural at decorating, but I’m certainly not one of them. I know good design when I see it, however I’ve been frustratingly challenged when attempting to recreate it or transpose it to my space. I joined Décorography because as I watched Jackie’s first blog videos, I felt that I found someone who understands how hard this can be, and someone who saw the need for detailed explanations and breakdowns. So many of the other resources assume that people just “get it” and don’t offer the “why” as to how something works or doesn’t. I tend to be very literal, and I appreciate Jackie’s step by step, formulaic approach. She is pretty much the only one out there that communicates as thoroughly as people like me need. "

- Meghan Kesseler Seattle, WA

This level of personal guidance from an interior designer would cost you thousands of dollars.

But you don't need an interior designer to create a beautiful, meaningful home. Décorography will show you how to decorate for yourself and you'll have a community of support to help you along the way.

Move past the guesswork, learn how to decorate, and create the home of your dreams with step by step guidance.

Get instant, lifetime access

This course is not currently open for enrollment.

100% Money Back Guarantee

My goal with this course is to help you create a home you love and build your creative confidence in the process.

I’m confident that if you follow the lessons and do your homework, you WILL see your home transform from a place you live to the place you love.

However, if for any reason within 30 days you decide Décorography isn’t for you, just let me know, and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

"Before Décorography I was lost when it comes to my personal style. I had followed the same style as my mother and sister, but it didn’t feel truly like me. Since joining Décorography I have realized that I tried to copy the styles of other people. I was too blinded by trends. Now I am confident enough to seek my own personal style and only choose things I love. Knowing what I love, makes it easier to make the right decisions. It saves money and time. It has changed the way I think about decorating. Joining Décorography has been the best investment in finding my personal style and the confidence to try and achieve it! "

Jenni is Personalizing Every Inch of Her Living Space to Bring Out Her Style

“Now the entire process feels more cohesive, defined, and understandable. Now I appreciate truly personalized spaces more than magazine worthy and trendy spaces. I see decorating as a way to show a person's identity and personality, not a way to keep up with the trends! Now it feels like I truly love our home, not just appreciate it. I have more to do, but changing just a few things has had such a positive impact on my happiness at home.

- Jenni Ahokas Mäntsälä, Finland

I look forward to helping you create the place that finally feels like home. My hope for you is that you love your home just as much as you love your family - because at the end of day, that’s who this is really for. I hope to see you in the classroom!



This course is not currently open for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need for Décorography?

This curriculum was designed for busy moms, because Jackie gets it. The program is organized into four courses. Each course has 3+ video classes on the topic.

Here’s how it breaks down for each class:

● You’ll get 30-90 minutes of video instruction.

● Homework assignments can take 1 to 2 hours, or longer, depending on how you want to make Décorography work for you.

● If your goal is to focus on one class per month (which is what I recommend), then all totaled, you’ll need about 2 to 4 hours each month. In other words, about as much time as you need for your favorite television show! (But with much better results!)

● Have extra time or want to work ahead? You can, because you have instant access to all the classes. Plus, a bonus library of expert interviews to watch.

What is lifetime access? Do I get access to all the classes when I signup?

As a lifetime member, you get instant access to all the classes inside Décorography. Plus, you also get the bonus video interviews with lifestyle and home experts.

But you don't have to watch everything at once. You can work through the classes at your own pace. You'll have lifetime access to all the Décorography content, which means for as long as the program and company exist. (Décorography was founded in 2014 and Jackie has been in business for over five years.)

Does re-decorating mean buying all new decor?

Nope! You can use Décorography and revamp your entire home without buying a thing. It’s absolutely possible to work with what you have and I love to encourage you to use what you have in better ways.

That said, I also think it’s exciting to find new pieces or accents to bring a room together! It’s part of the fun of decorating to incorporate old and new in a way that works. In this case, I’ll urge you to buy right.

That means – items you can use in multiple places around your home, only things you really love and things that have real staying power – so you don’t feel like buying new decor six months from now!

The best part of enrolling in Décorography is that once you know the basics, you’ll know just where to spend your money when you are ready to shop!

What if my house is a mess going into this?

First of all, we’ve all been there. When you’re living with kids it’s easy to forget that you even have a floor sometimes under all the toys.

And we all need to start somewhere. There is no shame in hating your current decor or look of your home – that’s why you’re here: to find the home you love through decorating.

Whether it’s one room or the entire house, you bring the mess and we'll help turn it around!

And when we say “mess” we really mean it. We encourage you to share progress pics, even when your house isn’t neat or tidy. Why? Because that’s real. And the mission here is to decorate your real home, not some photo shoot set that no one actually lives in!

I specifically created the private members-only forum so that you have a safe, private space to share your decorating progress, totally judgment free, and with others who are doing the same. No Pinterest-pressure to be picture perfect.

After all, we’ve all got legos on the floor and piles of laundry around, right?

Do I get any one-on-one decorating advice from Jackie?

You WILL get access to Jackie in the private members-only forum. Personal consults and private decorating services are not included with your membership. If you have decorating questions, post them in the forum and Jackie will be happy to share her expertise and feedback with you. Plus, in the forum you’ll have a bunch of classmates to help you, too.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to access Décorography is a computer and a desire to make a home you love!

The site is also mobile friendly so you can access the lessons and watch the videos on most tablets and phones with a web browser. You can also download the audio for the bonus interviews to listen on the go.

For the assignments, you might also need a tape measure, step stool, scissors, hammer, or personal assistant (kids or hubby?)… if you want to get really serious about the homework. But that’s totally at your discretion with how much extra credit you’ve got time for!