Define Your Style Lab

Uncover Your Signature Style and Create a Home That Reflects You

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Want to make your house feel like home?

But you over analyze, second-guess, and procrastinate every decision and then end up regretting your choices?

    • Maybe your house doesn't feel "finished" or "complete". It's missing that special something that would pull it all together, but you don't know what that is.
    • Maybe you hope your guests will be easily distracted by good food and conversation, so they don't notice your decor (or lack thereof).
    • Maybe even when you do find new home decor that you love, you don't know what to do with it when you get it home.

Because of all that, you don't feel at home in your own house. It's full of a mishmash of stuff that doesn't reflect you.

Something needs to change. But you don't know where to begin...

The problem: You don't have a plan.

It's okay, you're not alone. Most people think shopping for furniture and home decor is going to be nothing but fun. That they'll know what they like when they see it. That it'll be easy and quick to finish room after room.

The reality:

Without a decorating strategy, your home will never come together.

    • You won't know exactly what you like and dislike. So you'll have trouble letting go of the pieces you know are wrong for your home because you won't know what would be better to replace them with.
    • You'll continue to waste money on the wrong things—like that item you loved at the store, but realized you didn't like after all once you got it home. Cue the buyer's remorse, followed by the dreaded trip back to the store to make a return.
    • You will not be able to turn your inspiration and ideas into reality for your home. Without a solid plan, you'll keep second-guessing yourself and nothing will ever get done.

Yes, you've made some decorating mistakes (we all have), but...

You can't let those past letdowns and frustrations stand in your way of being happy in your home.

There is another way. Read on for the solution.

What if you knew exactly how to make your home feel more like you?

Imagine walking through the front door of your home and thinking, “This is me and I love it!”

Imagine shopping without second-guessing yourself and only bringing home what you love.

Imagine being able to confidently choose the finishing pieces like rugs, art, and accessories to pull the whole look together in your unique style.

It's all possible. You just need to go back and do the often missed first step — define your style.


Hi. I'm Jackie Hernandez, founder of School of Decorating.

People always ask me how I make decorating look so easy...

And I can't help but laugh because it was NOT always easy for me.

I thought shopping for home decor would be the best part of being a homeowner. I was wrong. It was so disappointing to find something cute at the store that didn't work once I got it home, or that I didn't like anymore after a few weeks.

I spent my first five years as a homeowner struggling to figure out what actually looked good together and what I even wanted for my home.

It wasn't until I discovered the power of committing to a decorating style that my home started to come together and feel cohesive.

Instead of picking a style, I created my own, and my home finally started to feel more like me. Now, shopping for my home is simple and straightforward. I know exactly what I like and what I don't.

As a result, everything was different when we moved into this house.

My decorating style helped me decorate my new home right the first time around.

In this house, we have not repainted a single wall, regretted a furniture or decor purchase, or redecorated a room. Instead of second-guessing ourselves, we spend our time enjoying our home. We still love every decorating decision we've made in the last seven years.

Now I teach women how to decorate for themselves. I've worked with 150 clients and over 700 students.

I can help you find the confidence you need to create a home you love.

Introducing Define Your Style Lab

Define Your Style Lab is my proven method for mixing up your one-of-a-kind decorating style so you can put an end to your decorating indecision and get UNstuck in your home.

The small amount of time you invest in this program now will pay off for decades.

I've helped over 400 women develop their decorating style through this course and I've never seen the same style twice—each style is as unique and beautiful as the woman that created it.

It's a mistake to think you can find your decorating style in a magazine or a book, by browsing Pinterest, or by copying a designer you like.

Your true style is a unique mix of all the elements you love from a variety of different decorating styles. It’s not cookie cutter. Your exact style can’t be found in one store. It's unlike anybody else's.

Whether you know it or not, your style is already inside of you.

I'll show you how to pull it out and make it fit you perfectly.

This course is not currently open for enrollment.


It's not just a decorating style.

It's your decorating strategy.

Once you’ve defined your style, you’ll be able to...

  • Find new things for your home that will work with the stuff you already have.
  • Shop for home goods in your favorite stores without stressing about how they’ll look or fit in once you get them home—you'll have a style filter to make the buying decision easy.
  • Choose lasting pieces for your home that you know you'll still love for years to come.
  • Mix and match different decorating styles to incorporate everything you love. (And easily combine styles with your significant other. More on that below.)
  • Unify every room of your home to reflect your unique style.

See What Define Your Style Graduates Are Saying

What Define Your Style Graduates Say About This Course

Susan Williams
Georgetown, Texas

"I worried that home design was something that I would never be able to pull off on my own. Since Define Your Style, I learned so much about myself and design in general and things are coming together so easily and quickly! I wish I had been able to do this years ago because it would have saved me not only time and money, but also the lack of confidence in myself and my style."

"I used to feel so defeated with my handmedown furniture and dorm-room aesthetic, even though I'm in my 30s! Now I know what pieces I need to buy next and I have a plan. I learned how to finally start choosing items that are keepers, and won't be thrown away in a couple of years. My home is beginning to feel cohesive and fitting me. I was even able to buy a sofa without agonizing over the color!"

Jen Chendea

Debbie Kennedy
Western, Nebraska

"I love this course. Like Jackie, I'm science-minded and the decorating thing was a challenge until I found Define Your Style Lab. It made me really think about every aspect of what I wanted my home to say."

This course is not currently open for enrollment.



Pinpoint your decorating style in just four weeks and turn your house into a HOME.

In this self-paced online course you'll go through a unique self-discovery process designed to reveal your true decorating style and show you how to apply it in your home.

I won't ask you to pick an existing style, I'll help you build your own.

Define Your Style Lab breaks the style discovery process down into four parts that build upon one another to reveal your true style.

Here's the process you'll go through:


You'll forget everything you thought you knew about your decorating style so you can return to the basics and uncover what you like and don't like on an elemental level.

The capstone exercise in Part 1 is The Mystery Styles Exercise which will help you look past generic style labels. It’s an eye-opening experiment to find the truth about your style preferences and aversions. A style student favorite!

By the end of the first week, you’ll develop better shopping habits and become more discerning about what you bring into your home.


You'll learn how to evaluate the style elements you uncovered in Part 1 to extract the true meaning of your style preferences and how you want them to show up in your home.

You’ll learn how to identify the 17 most common decorating styles so you can better recognize what makes a style unique from another style and how to describe the elements you prefer for your own style.


It's time to make your style unmistakably you. THIS is my favorite part of the lab!

  • You’ll learn how to personalize your style so your home decor tells your story.
  • You’ll create your style dictionary so you can clearly and confidently communicate your style preferences to anyone.
  • And, You’ll develop your style application guide so you know where to use each style element in your home.

By the end of week three, you won’t be able to help but decorate with intention—making your style more meaningful and memorable every step of the way.


You'll learn how to pull all your style elements together create your signature style.

You’ll name your style and build your comprehensive style guide. Then, I’ll teach you how to turn it into a style filter—-a decision-making tool to help you pick things for your home that fit your style.

You’ll also make your style switch plan - I’ll give you checklists and ideas to transition to your new style on any budget.

The end result of Define Your Style Lab is complete style clarity and the confidence you need to create a beautiful, meaningful, personalized home.

When you join Define Your Style Lab, you'll get:

  • A proven step-by-step process to create your signature style in as little as four weeks
  • 12 written lessons and over 20 style discovery exercises to reveal your true style
  • A gorgeous 42-page printable workbook to guide you through every exercise and to document your signature style and application strategy

With instant, lifetime access to the course you can take it at your own pace. Plus, it's 100% mobile-friendly so you can read the lessons and view the worksheets from any device.

This course is not currently open for enrollment.


What Define Your Style Graduates Say About This Course

Jackie Biederman
St.Paul, Minnesota

"I wanted to make my home a space for my whole family to relax and enjoy, but each time I would start decorating, I never liked what I chose - everything seemed disconnected. When I started taking classes with Jackie, she explained things in a way that I could understand and taught me how to choose what's best for me and my family. Now I have confidence with decorating and I'm so excited about transforming my home!"

"I liked my home decor before but felt it should be something different, more trendy, more current. Define Your Style Lab helped me discover and refine "my" decor style. It was so helpful to know it is unique and personal to me. Now I love it and appreciate that the look is all mine, that it will change and develop 😀. My shopping habits were refined too, in that now there is a clearer, more defined scope of what I look for. I am more appreciative of my home because of Jackie's directions and encouragement."

Cynthia Foster
Langley BC, Canada

Nicole Branham
North Vernon, Indiana

"Putting a name on my style, in surprising and subtle ways, gave me confidence not only in home decorating, but in other areas as well. It helped me to realize that really, I do know what my style is, but in certain places "settled" for cheaper things, or good enough. Editing those items out helped me to be truer to what really makes my style shine, allowing me to "splurge" in the right places, and save where it doesn't matter as much.

I am learning that home decorating is so SO much more than just decorating. It's an extension of knowing yourself, your spouse, your family and not only accepting that but celebrating it! I am learning that there really aren't "mistakes" in decorating, but that it takes the courage and confidence to find and bring to life your preferences without apologies.

Fleshing out MY style has really transformed my house from just a box I live in to my HOME."

I'm also giving you a SPECIAL BONUS:

The Couples Guide to Combining Styles

Is the decorating honeymoon over? Don't divide up the house just yet...

When you join today you’ll also get The Couple's Guide to Combining Styles bonus section. It covers the five style mixing mistakes to avoid and how to write a style treaty—that’s an agreement on how to blend your individual styles so you’re both represented in your home.

With your style treaty in hand, you’ll build a combined style application guide so you know exactly where to use each style element. This bonus will help you reach a decorating truce, so you can create a home you both love.

A $50 value.

What Define Your Style Graduates Say About This Course

Rebecca Levander
St. Paul, Minnesota

"One of my biggest aha moments was realizing there were things I liked and appreciated but did not necessarily want for my own home. It also gave me great tools encouragement and guidance to combine my husbands style with mine easily."

"I am not sure what I expected the process to be like, but defining my style involved a lot of soul searching for me. Going in, I expected that my style would be some version of modern, but was quite shocked when I found out it really wasn't.

In the process of choosing my style, I was choosing how I define myself in a way or at least the feeling I want to have in my home and the feeling that I want my guests to have when they visit. Now that I have defined my style Honest Charm, I feel very confident in moving forward with decorating our home. Thank you so much for your encouragement and guidance!"

Petra Erlandson

Terri Asbury

"Define Your Style is just what I needed and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The exercises you took us through were enlightening. As a mom working from home with three kids I wondered if this would be do-able. It certainly was and very worth my time and money!! You have restored my confidence to “go forth and decorate.” Thank you!!!"

Your newly-found signature style will guide you to create a home that feels like you. A home you can be proud of.

As a style student, you’ll create:

  • Your signature style that's uniquely personalized to you and will serve as your guide to creating a home that truly reflects you and your style.

Along the way you’ll also create some really helpful tools:

  • Your style dictionary with the exact vocabulary to describe your unique style, so you can communicate it clearly.
  • Your style application guide showing you how to use each style element you love to get the right look and feel in your home.
  • Your style switch plan so you can make a smooth transition to your true style on any budget.
  • Bonus: Your Style Treaty to end decorating disagreements and create a home where you're both represented.

More Praise from Define Your Style Students

PJ Pradella

"I struggled at the beginning of Define Your Style Lab when looking at the photos of commonly defined styles. Nothing fit! Everything fit! Realizing that being perplexed was the point of the exercise and trusting in the process I continued. The entire DYSL process was introspective, interesting, and enjoyable. The results are fantastic! Having chosen a unique name for my decorating style is helping on an on-going basis. When shopping it is now so easy to look at an item and determine if it supports my individual style."

"My favorite part of Define Your Style Lab was The Mystery Styles exercises - to study the elements of various design styles without the negative bias of what the style name was. I was able to learn about different styles and which elements I wanted to add or remove in my decorating. I've been able to stop buying items that were a "good deal", especially if it didn't fit my personalized design style and/or colors. The few items I've invested in, I can see using in my home for a long time."

Tonia Fisher
Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Holly Sedrick
Springdale, Arkansas

"Before this course when I needed to go shopping for something I would focus on that one thing and buy what I liked. Then when I would get it home and live with it a few weeks, I would realize that it just added to my hodge podge of different styles and colors. I struggled to see the bigger picture.

The most eye opening experience of Define Your Style Lab was the Mystery Styles exercise. It really helped me see more specifically what my style was and wasn't. It opened my eyes to my tastes, interests and even my personality. I now evaluate everything to determine if I love it or just appreciate it. If I am looking at any inspiration pictures I ask myself what it is I really like about it. Defining my style helped me weed through all those decorating ideas that I liked and focus more on what I love.

Now I am learning to see my house as a whole unit and I am better able to visualize how I want it to look as a whole room or home rather than compartmentalizing it to a couch, a wall color, a lamp, etc. I now think about my purchases and how they will flow with the other items in the house. I love having a style name now. I evaluate all my decor items by it and if it doesn't fit then it stays in the store. I think before I act a lot more now :)"

"I really enjoyed the process of thinking about why I like the things I do and pulling them together into a short description of my style. It has helped me to realize that just because I like something in the store, if it doesn't fit into the decorating style of my home, it isn't worth buying anyway to try and make it fit. Knowing this has helped me avoid several unnecessary purchases. Define Your Style helped me understand why some of the things I like work in my home and some don't, and gave me some basic tools to see immediate results in terms of how I use my existing decor."

Christie Connel
Midlothian, Texas

Denise Cartiglia-Alberti
Brick, New Jersey

"The 'style-naming' was not only fun, but in my case, a truly necessary exercise to help separate 'likes' from 'loves'. Define Your Style Lab taught me to slow down, and not to 'settle'. I used to buy on impulse. Now I carefully consider EVERY item before I buy it...the placement (where it will 'live') and, most importantly, how it 'fits' into the existing decor style. Now I know there's no point buying something just because I like it — it also needs to be purposeful."

This course is for...


No matter how long you've lived in your home, if it doesn't feel like you, then it's time to set it right. Don't worry, you won't have to start all over. Define Your Style Lab will help you start with small tweaks to make your home a better reflection of you. And when you're ready, you'll have the confidence to purchase new things to continue to bring out your style.


Just because you rent doesn't mean your place shouldn't feel like home. It's natural to feel limited by your landlord's restrictions (not being able to paint, for one). But you should know that your signature style goes far beyond color on your walls. Define Your Style Lab will also show you how to bring out your style through your choice of furniture styles, layout, the overall feeling of your space, and personalizing your accessories. You can have style inside a white box.

In a new home or moving soon?

It's never too early to get style clarity. Now is the perfect time to define your style so you can start out in your new place with confidence and a clear strategy to make it home. Define Your Style Lab is the best first step to make the rest of the decorating process easier.

You're just a few weeks away from style clarity and the confidence you need to stay true to yourself and make a home that reflects you.

This course is not currently open for enrollment.


I know you're going to love Define Your Style Lab!

I know this process works so I back Define Your Style Lab with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I want you to feel confident in your decision to join the lab, so I invite you to go through the whole course 100% risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with this thorough step-by-step process for defining your signature style, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

What Define Your Style Graduates Say About This Course

Karye Ann
Orange County, California

"I discovered that I have a wild style and love color. Define Your Style Lab helped me to be more free and less cautious with what I believed should go in my home. Prior to DYSL I was bored and disappointed with how our home looked. Now, most of my rooms are a delight to my eyes and to those who come in. I am no longer afraid of color, pattern or my deep love for them. I have two rooms left to complete and I cannot wait to do them."

"I had a wonderful time taking the Define your Style Class. Through Jackie’s lessons I was able to hone my style and finally give it a name, Worldly Modern. I have been excited to use my new found skills as I choose items for my home and come to realize what will really work and what I really just appreciate. Thanks for the great class!"

Lindsay B.

Sarah S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"It was fun every step of the way. What I loved about this course is that Jackie is self-taught and is so passionate about what she does."

"I liked too many things before, without an overall picture of what I wanted to live with versus what I just admire when I see it. It's much easier now to admire things without wanting to buy them all. The rooms I've changed are already more "together." When I started Define Your Style Lab I was in the process of a renovation. I was lucky to be working with a designer, but DYSL made it easier for me to say yes to some options and no to others."

Carol Freeman.
Moline, Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish? Can I complete it at my own pace?
You can start right now. Your signature style is just four short weeks away. This is a self-paced course so you can work through the material at your own pace. I recommend allowing about four weeks to work through all the exercises, but you can take as long as you like. Define Your Style Lab includes 12 written lessons and over 20 style discovery exercises. Each exercise has a worksheet you can download or print. Your time in the course will be spent reading the lesson, then completing the exercises.
Do I even have time for this?
If loving the home you live in is important to you, then a few hours over the next four weeks will set you up for a lifetime of confidence on every future decorating decision. Think about all the time and mental energy you're wasting now questioning and second-guessing yourself in your home. That's time that could be spent enjoying your home with your family. Your decorating doubt is costing you—weekends spent re-decorating, extra errands to return items that didn't work, and freezing up at the store because you aren't sure what you want. With a signature style, you'll know what you want and what works for your home without having to think about it. You'll shop faster, avoid returns, get decorating done sooner, and love the end result...which means you can finally relax in your home.
Do I get personal guidance from you, Jackie?
This is a self-study course. There is no additional support provided via email or a community for asking questions or getting feedback. But, don't worry, you're in good hands. Over 400 women have gone through this course already, and I've used their feedback to continually improve the experience.
I'm not good with decorating. Is Define Your Style Lab right for me?
Yes! You’re in the right place. Defining your decorating style is an ideal place to start and can help you avoid decorating mistakes. If how your home looks and feels is important to you, but you aren't confident in your own style, then Define Your Style Lab can help. If you already feel very confident in your decorating style and just want tips on how to decorate and DIY tutorials, this is not the right course for you. Define Your Style Lab is a foundational strategy to set you up for successful decorating. We focus 100% on understanding your individual style and how it translates to your home. This course does not include specific decorating tips, like how to hang art or arrange your bookshelves.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Couldn't I just put this money toward new furniture?
You could. you want to risk hundreds of dollars on new furniture or decor without being certain it fits your style and you'll get the value out of it for years to come? It's not often that we replace our furnishings so I want to help you choose the pieces you'll enjoy so much you never want to replace them. Your decorating investment is wasted if you don't know your true style and how to use your furniture and decor to bring your style to life in your home. Define Your Style Lab is designed to help you create a signature style, build your confidence, and to give you a framework for making confident decorating decisions.
Can't I just figure this out on Pinterest for free?
Looking at pretty pictures doesn't work. If the stack of decorating books on your coffee table or the millions of pins on Pinterest helped you find your style, then you'd already have a gorgeous home you love. The problem is it's easy to look at a pretty picture, it's much harder to translate it to your home. Define Your Style Lab is a guided experience that will help you create a truly personalized decorating style with a strategy to apply it to your home—exactly what parts of your style to use where.
What if I'm unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! Please contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund.

Here's to your unmistakably you style!

You can do this and I'll be with you every step of the way. I hope to see you inside the lab.


This course is not currently open for enrollment.