Yes, You Can Make Even the Most Cluttered Shelves Look Better

Are your bookshelves unsightly? Do you ever wish you could just get rid of them? Not so easy if they’re built-in or if you have loads of books to store.

But there is a surprisingly simple method to make any shelf look amazing.

You can turn your bookshelves into the focal point of a room. The perfect balance of books and decor. A place to display your favorite objects and tell your story.

In this class, I’ll show you:

  • A simple 5-step process to decorate your shelves with or without books
  • Affordable ideas to fill out empty shelves with decor
  • How to declutter and organize your books to save shelf space and make more room for decorative objects
  • Simple styling tricks, like the Rule of Three, visual triangles, and layering, that will make your shelves look like they were styled by a pro
  • 14 different ways to stack books and display them with decor
  • How to find accessories for your bookshelves that look great together and tell a story

The steps you’ll learn in this class work for styling built-in shelves, display cabinets, bookcases, open shelving, and wall shelves.

If you want to know the secret to getting perfectly styled shelves every time, then enroll in How To Style Bookshelves now.


What's Included

Get immediate access to three video lessons and two cheat sheets so you can create beautifully styled bookshelves you love to look at.

TIME: 74 mins
OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Seven Simple Styling Secrets (there will be a brief review of the styling secrets applicable to bookshelves in this class)

Lesson Overview

  1. Part 1 - The Basics of Bookshelf Styling
  2. Part 2 - Styling with Books
  3. Part 3 - Finding the Right Bookshelf Accessories

Lesson Downloads

  • 14 Ways to Stack Books Cheat Sheet
  • Bookshelf Styling Shopping List

What Students Say About This Class

Danielle Holtzinger
Seattle, Washington

"Before Jackie's bookshelf styling class, everything felt cluttered and off balance. Now, my shelves feel like everything is displayed on purpose instead of a giant catch all!"

"Now I am so very happy with these shelves. With my decor scheme of a few contrasting accent colors and what totals as four large shelves, it was very challenging to get the mix right. The finished result fits our home perfectly! Lots of texture and color and meaning without being too hodge podge. My favorite part is that these shelves showcase the things I care most about in this world."

Petra Erlandson

What You Need for this Class

All you need to take this class is:

  • A computer or mobile device with an internet connection to watch the videos
  • Optional: A printer to print the worksheets
  • Shelves - the styling process taught in this class works for built-in shelves, display cabinets, bookcases, open shelving, and wall shelves.
  • Books and decorative accessories - no need to go shopping, you can get started with the books and decor you already own.

You do NOT need:

  • Any design experience

Your Teacher

Jackie Hernandez
Jackie Hernandez

Jackie Hernandez teaches women the science behind the art of decorating so they can create a beautiful, meaningful home, even if they aren’t creative. Jackie founded School of Decorating to bridge the gap between "designer" and "homemaker." As a wife, mother of two boys, and a small business owner that works from home, she knows how important it is to make your home fit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ If I haven’t taken Seven Simple Styling Secrets, will I still benefit from this class?

Yes. The How To Style Bookshelves class includes a brief overview of the three styling secrets you need to know for styling bookshelves. So even if you haven't take Seven Simple Styling Secrets yet, you'll have everything you need for bookshelf styling.

+ When does this class start and how long do I have access?

Class starts right now. You get instant access as soon as you enroll. This class is self-paced. You will get immediate, lifetime access so you can take the class at your own pace.

+ Are your classes available worldwide?

Yes. We have students across six continents. All the classes are taught in English and are self-paced, so it doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in. If you’re in the EU, then VAT tax will be added to your order during checkout, and you may have to provide additional information, like your address and country.

+ Do I get any one-on-one decorating advice from Jackie?

This is a self-study class. It does not include a community or email support (other than for technical issues).

+ What's your return policy or guarantee?

You have my 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason within 30 days you aren’t satisfied with this class, just let me know, and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

This course is not currently open for enrollment.

Try This Class Risk-Free

All School of Decorating classes have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the class, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.